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Welcome, to a place where you can stop taking yourself so seriously and learn to enjoy yourself and your life a little more!  

Lightening up will improve everything, whether you want to build healthier habits, improve your career trajectory, solve relationship problems, or kiss some outdated beliefs goodbye!

Laughter coaching is not about making you a high-performance laugher. It is all about taking the pressure off yourself to do more/be more so you can focus on what you want rather than what you believe others expect from you.

Do we laugh because we feel good?   or...

Do we feel good because we laugh?

Maybe you are wondering.....

What exactly is laughter coaching?

It is like regular coaching, except we have more fun exploring self-limiting beliefs and ways to overcome them. Laughter helps us feel better, and we gain a new perspective when we feel better. Often people think that achieving their goals will make them happier. Laughter coaching helps you feel happier first, giving you a positive mindset to approach your goals!

How can lightening up improve different areas of life?

Lightening up gives us a broader perspective on our challenges. It is hard to see your life clearly when walking around under a dark cloud. See my resources menu for information about my laughter teacher, Annette Goodheart, and the Dalai Lama, who both used laughter in depressing situations.  I have found laughter helpful for working through serious subjects such as addiction, incest, disability, and depression.

What are some practical tips for taking the pressure off oneself and focusing on personal growth?

I am a big fan of CoCo (Co-counseling), which is why I facilitate CoCo learning groups. See the CoCo tab on this site for more information.

Other tips are:

  • Make a list of all the things that make you feel good. If you need an immediate boost, review your list for one you can do right now!

  • Make a similar list of all the people who make you feel good.  Call someone from the list or look at some favorite photos to remember what it feels like to feel good!

  • Do something creative even if you think you are no good at it - it will get you out of your problem-solving brain and into your natural creativity. Hint: try neurographic art.

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