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Working with Wendy has been such a gift.  I feel so held in every session.  She knows how to give quality attention and then at the right time, she asks insightful questions that help me come to my own realizations around issues that I have been stuck on

for years.  She never tells me what I “should do” or what I “need to do.” Instead, she helps  me find my own answers by guiding me, back to me.  What I most appreciate about working with Wendy is that she has the right balance of pragmatism, intuition and sensibility.  She listens, but also knows exactly when to get me out of my head and into action, no matter how small.  She is incredibly wise; she leads with love and kindness—the best kind of cheerleader and supporter I need in life. She gives me the wings to fly without pushing me when I’m not ready. Yet, she knows the exact moment I need to soar.  I’m even impressed by my own growth and transformation from working with her for the past year.  I cannot recommend working with Wendy enough!       Christie L

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