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Peer Learning Groups

Why do I call them Peer Learning Groups?

The global CoCo Community operates on the principle of equality, not hierarchy. We are all peers. Some have more experience or knowledge, but none of us is above or beneath others. I avoid the terms "class," "student," and "teacher." I will provide information to facilitate your learning. Hence, I refer to myself as a facilitator. In our groups, we will learn from each other too! Please be prepared to be an active participant.


I have divided the CoCo Fundamentals into two parts:

Part 1 is a great way to release stress and improve communication and relationship skills by developing genuine empathy. You are welcome to participate in Part 1 as often as you like at no cost. You can network with others who have engaged in Part 1 with me to get plenty of practice!


Part 1 (free) consists of 8 hours of group time and 2+ hours of practice time and covers:

  • Introduction to both feelings and emotions

  • Introduction to emotional release

  • Radical confidentiality and other community commitments

  • Contracts

  • Listening and being listened to without interruptions

  • How to start and end a session

  • Familiarity (ID) checks, validations, and a few other prompts to get things rolling

  • Welcoming and giving the gift of feedback

You can retake Part 1 any time you like. When you are ready, come back for Part 2.


Part 2 ($300) is 20 hours of group time and 10+ hours of practice time and covers:

  • A deeper look at feelings, emotions, and emotional release

  • More prompts

  • Tuning in to behavior or belief patterns and how to address them

  • Creating life action plans

  • Accountability

  • Benefits of becoming a part of the global CoCo community

You can retake Part 2 within 12 months at no additional cost. It is usual to focus more on immediate patterns the first time rather than learning the process to work through them, so come back when you are ready for more!

Let’s CoCo!

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to express interest in joining.

Thanks for submitting!

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